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Exploration of the Mind / Body / Spirit Connection

The Body/Mind/Spirit link is the most subtle but powerful force in the known universe, and yet the most mysterious and least understood.  Everything we call life is dependent on it, and without it, order quickly falls into chaos.  It is in you and in me.  It is in us together.  It is our more precious possession, and is truly the “final frontier”.

    Since the beginning of time mankind has searched for the ultimate expression of it, but only a few have really experienced it.  A flickering fire, an isolated cave, a wild dance…mysticism…nature worship…each had its time and place in the search.  Finally, meditation taught us that the focus of attention should be inside rather than outside.  So what if it took a lifetime of discipline to master, things were slower then and there was more time to devote to the inner life.  As civilization progressed, other faster means were developed; flotation tanks, biofeedback, and various other techniques designed to speed up the process.  Some even thought drugs were the answer.

At last…researchers from all over the world are joining forces to provide modern answers to these age old riddles of consciousness: just how does one gain access to higher states of mind?  Hard sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics are being blended with soft sciences like psychology, psychiatry, and philosophy into a new field of science called “NeuroScience”…the study of the mind/body/spirit connection.  Although the true nature of these relationships is not yet clear, it is obvious that the body’s connection to the mind and spirit is achieved primarily through internal and external senses.  Therefore, the truths about consciousness must lie hidden in a fuller understanding of the sensory mechanisms that make such connection/communication possible.

Come To Your Senses

There is a remarkable spectrum of senses already identified by scientists.  More than fifty have been categorized and the list is continually growing.  The most obvious, of course, are sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste, but it is becoming clear that the others are of equal importance.  For example, many “internal” senses are being discovered that are linked to higher states of mental and spiritual functioning.  In fact, Sensory Science is rapidly becoming the most exciting new field of discovery.  InnerSense, Inc. is pioneering this exploration with a unique approach that turns research into reality by making practical use of the latest discoveries in the exciting new world of Neurotechnology.

Drawing on extensive investigation into the nature of the relationships that exist between the senses, or “sensory-relations” if you will, we have created an experience that encourages sensory communication.  Seeing sound, hearing light, smelling color, or feeling music may sound strange at first but are, in fact, possibilities that exist within a VibraSound experience.  The resultant synchrony that occurs between the senses harmonizes them into a “whole brain” state of experience, freeing the brain from feelings of fear and the need to analyze sensory input.  The more senses brought into such coherent relationship, the more available higher states of mind become.

It was these very states of mind that our ancestors were trying to achieve with their fires and drums and dancing.  It was these same states that yogis and mystics dedicated their lives to, and remains today as the focus of current exploration.  Profound relaxation, emotional catharsis, connectedness, creative genius, inspiration, feelings of peace and a sense that everything is okay, are just some of the reported benefits of such elevated states.  In addition these states have tremendous application in the fields of health and human potential.

Modern technology is providing new ways of achieving such balanced states of mind.  It’s “Sensory Resonance” rather than “sensory deprivation”.  Eyes, ears, nose, and skin, as well as other senses, can be bathed in a symphony of harmonic frequencies and integrated into a whole brain state of peace, ecstasy, and increased awareness…Body RELAXED…Mind AWAKE…Spirit CONSCIOUS. Vibro-tactile technology is rapidly becoming the fastest growing segment of the audio-visual industry with hand held vibrators, massage chairs, home theater sub-sonics, virtual reality, and video arcades.  Sonic and subsonic vibration is to audio/visual what sound was to silent movies.  Approximately one third of the brain stem is given over to processing vibrotactile vibration.  It is a powerful sensory input that has been, for the most part, unused by humans since primitive times.  No wonder it is so hard for people these days to really feel anything. The 21st century will witness the beginning of a whole new relearning experience.  With VibraSound®, you can learn it now.

VibraSound TechKnowledgy

Imagine lying on a vibrating liquid crystal that feels like music coming from inside your body!  VibraSound is based on a proprietary “hydrosonic fluid technology” that turns your body water into a speaker.  Sophisticated impedance matching allows the vibrations to pass into the body with a purity and power unavailable on any other acoustic field generator, providing an experience that can be felt to the very core, restoring the mind and body back to sonic sanity.

VibraSound is driven by a proprietary operating system called a Sensory Interface.  This unique device synchronizes any stereo system with (a) dual sophisticated frequency generators, (b) a mind blowing “eyes closed” photic stimulation programmer, and (c) vibrotactile output control.  Options include VibraSound® Virtual Reality and a proprietary PsiFi audio dimensionalizer.  The current SR8000 model can service one to eight users.

The entire system can be suspended within a geometric enclosure tuned to the earth’s magnetic field and shielded from outside interference.  Other options would include 3D video, Audio/Music programs, the MesmerEyes fiber optic color projector, VibraSound TransporTable massage table and Zero-Gravity chair, Music Dolphin, and Barstool. Of course, individual components of our systems can and are being used with great success.  Hundreds of extremely positive testimonials and endorsements back up our claim that it is known worldwide for being state of the art in sound and music therapy systems.

In addition, InnerSense offers other services including:
Research, Development, Manufacturing, and Marketing
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Retail Neuro-tech Sales, Service and, Consultation

The VibraSound Experience
“An idea whose time has come is more powerful that all the armies of the world”…Victor Hugo

Stress is today’s number one killer.  It is at the root of most modern illnesses.  It is a double edged sword that manifests as both an energy loss, such as when too much work makes you tired, and as an energy gain, such as the tension or friction that causes you to “heat-up” in a fight or flight situation.

The “good” energy lost through stress can only be regained by recharging the body with rest and relaxation.  The “bad” energy gained from tension can only be released by venting it into constructive activities like recreation and entertainment.  The VibraSound Experience strikes at both manifestations of stress by being both restful and recreational at the same time.  It can free one from the thoughts and frustrations of life’s stressful situations, allowing time to create positive ways to improve and enhance one’s life.  More like Fun than a discipline, it’s the answer to meditation in our modern fast paced world.  It is an experience that is deeply moving and mysterious, spearing directly to the heart, and yet expanding to the far reaches of the mind. It has been called an experience that is beyond verbalization, one that you will never forget.

It is an idea whose time has come.

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