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Living Waters March 2014: Water Transformed By Intention

LIVING WATER: TRANSFORMED BY INTENTION By Don Estes Scientific research has shown that a mathematical expression of something is more or less the same as that which is being modeled. Metaphors hold the same energy as what they represent. This principle, called transcendence in alchemy, explains how the purification and separation that a substance suffers in a crucible or alembic while [...]

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New Brain Research

Similar to the call of JFK in 1963 to land man on the moon safely, President Obama issued a new research initiative in April which has as much impact as JFK’s 50 years ago: to invent and refine new technologies to understand the human brain. Referred to as the Brain Activity Map (BAM) it comes [...]

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New Webinar Added!

We just added a new Webinar in the Training Section of the Website. Don Estes goes into more detail on how The Portacle™ works and the science behind it. Training: *Note the training videos are password protected. If you own a copy of The Portacle and need the password and login, please email us. Thank [...]

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Revealing Talk Radio

Don Estes is a guest on Revealing Talk Radio October 13 and October 29  at 5 pm PST Eva Herr, Host of The Eva Herr Show, is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to alternative medicine and the science of consciousness. She is considered by many to be one of the world’s luminaries regarding the [...]

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